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Energetic Wellness Support Program

We work with the electromagnetic and vibrational systems of the body by reflecting/mirroring in a way that supports clearing at the level of cause. Our wellness program bridges the management of healthcare and supports optimum, viable health.

By mirroring energy and teaching other techniques that allow for personal responsibility, we enable the individual to step into awareness, thereby increasing the ability of the body to shift and unifying the mind, body, and spirit.

Every cell is a complete hologram map of the body. The ability to replicate the entire body is contained in every cell. It has untapped potential for wellness. The DNA contained in each and every cell was able at various stages in development able to direct cells to become every part of ourselves.

Many of the Energy Wellness Modalities work with the premise that energy can be used to change physical symptoms and heal injured bodies and minds. Most of these work with the idea of adding something to the physical body/mind/spirit. With the concept that something needs to be done to help fix an issue, there is an active “doing” in the process. In fact, drugs and surgery also work on the fixing or doing nature of things. They work with dealing with a symptom and may not get to the cause.
Everything; words, numbers, colors, sounds and more have energy. The mirroring process uses the idea of using an energy map that is available from the client’s own DNA or inherent wisdom to create a mirror for the client’s DNA to see what it needs to re-connect, repair, realign or release that which is not working. An investigative journalist , describes the scientific discoveries that point to a unifying concept of the universe

It is well known that the DNA of each cell contains the complete map of an entire functioning body.

 If the DNA is removed from a cell, the cell will continue to work until it needs something. Without the DNA to tell it how to proceed, the cell will die. When many cells are put together to from the living body, some may over time get disconnected and can no longer see how to function in an ideal way. They get confused on which way to proceed.

Much like one can style one’s hair or shave without a mirror, we can use the analogy that other modalities will use a stylist or barber outside one ’s self to “do” what’s needed. With this notion, the client may need to return to the barber/stylist each time an issue presents or re-occurs. By providing a large, clear mirror and an instruction set, the client can style or shave as needed at any time without the need for outside help. Energy Mirroring facilitates this happening and allows the client to use the mirror as needed in a way that works best for them. There is no doing only allowing. The journey is the client’s own.

  In fact, the client can create the mirror for themselves when they learn the tools. Openness and the willingness to follow the roadmap where ever it leads is all that is necessary for the creation of the mirror. The tools used by have been captured and created by thousands of clients over time. And, it is constantly being added to by the new and old clients. Experience and focus will enable one to create the largest and clearest mirror. In some cases, the client will need help to see how to create the mirror.

Activate your own ability to create the biggest, clearest mirror possible for yourself and others by taking our one day class "Investigating Rabbit Holes". Once taught the mirroring process, it becomes clear for us to see what is needed from moment to moment and allows for virtually constant adjustments as necessary.
If there was one book on this process, this would be it. If we could all truly live in the  we would find the path to happiness and wellness. Nothing more would be needed

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